Let's Bug Together#28 15.-18.08. 2019 Lesce-Bled
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Post N. 1: Let's Bug Together#28 15.-18.08. 2019 Lesce-Bled Autore: Ata Krebs MessaggioInviato: Mercoledě, 30/01/2019 - 16:42

Well, here we are again !! The official date of LBT# 28 is 15.-18.08. 2019, but as you already know, you can stay with us again the whole week. We will be there already at Sunday, 11 of August and that mean, you can also arrive earlier !! Benny already know how it looks like Sorriso , and that is the point why he become our real friend. Also Maggio, but he missed last year !!
This year we will celabrate on our meeting the 50th anniversary of the Woodstock Festival ( 1969 - 2019 ) !! With the music, clothes.....

Benny ??
Maggio ??

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Post N. 3:  Autore: Ata Krebs MessaggioInviato: Venerdě, 15/03/2019 - 10:19

Here are some more information about the music part of the LBT #28. At Thursday evening we will organize the party with the DJ who will try to make a good vibrations with the vinyl records with music from the 1965 -1975 era. That mean very good sounds of Deep Purple, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Bee Gees, Mamas and Papas, than also CCR, Janis Joplin, Kinks, Doors etc etc.....
At Friday we will go one more step back, when we talking about music. At that evening in big tent will play the band Joe & the Rhythm Boys with Rockabilly kind of music. And finally, at Saturday the live music from 1965 -1975 with the band Fenix. We hope, that every evening will be special and when we know, that a lot of us will take on the hippy clothes, hair and colours, we simply believe, that LBT#28 will be really another Woodstock, but 50 years later !!!

Post N. 4:  Autore: Ata Krebs MessaggioInviato: Sabato, 01/06/2019 - 12:15

Hello, dear friends !!
It's time to give you some more information about the activities we will organize for you before the official opening of the LBT#28.
So, at Monday, 12.08.2019 we will organize the trip to the Adventure Park in Straža nad Bledom. Straža is an small hill above Bled. Straža offers an incredible view of the city and lake Bled. We will go from the camp to that place around 10 - 10.30 o'clock in the morning. More about Adventure Park and Straža you can read on this link :

Than, at Tuesday, 13.08.2019 we will invite you to go with us to the Planica Zip Line atraction. This is the place, where your ski fly master Roberto Cecon fly many times longer than 200 meters on the ski and now you will have a chance to feel, how it looks like !!
We booked it from 11.30, so we will leave our camp in Lesce at 10.00 o'clock. The price for zip-line is 25 EUR per person - the weight with clothing and footwear must not exceed 115 kg. Tandem costs 40 EUR and is suitable for the children between 5 and 10 years old and adult - their total weight with clothing and footwear must also not exceed 115 kg.
At Planica skiflying hill we will have enough tome to looking around and drink some coffee.
It would be great, if you could make an reservation on e-mail anavidic@gmail.com or on the mobile number 00 386 41 568 896
You can find more about Zip - Line in Planica on the link bellow

For the Wednesday I will give you more informations in few days !!

Post N. 5:  Autore: Ata Krebs MessaggioInviato: Domenica, 09/06/2019 - 12:16

As I promised you, I will present you the last trip on the beginning of the week in the LBT#28. On the Wednesday, 14.08.2019 we will go rafting on the Sava river. Benny already know, how it looks like !! For the clothes and shoes is taken care of, departure and arrival from the camp will be organize with a van. The prize is 30 EUR per person. We will leave the camp at 10.00 !!
It would be great, if you can make a reservation on e-mail : anavidic@gmail.com or on the mobile number 00386 41 568 896.
More info http://alter-sport.si/

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We have to present you another thing. On Saturday, 17.08.2019., we will choose the most decorated car in VWoodstock style Sorriso . Photo of the best VWoodstock car will be on our greeting card for the Christmas and New Year. And we promise, that the owner of the car won't be thursty !! Risata
So the flowers won't be just in our hair, also our cars will be decorated in the spirit of flower power of VWoodstock Rock Peace

Post N. 7:  Autore: Klemen Klemen MessaggioInviato: Lunedě, 22/07/2019 - 9:18

Ciao tutti.

Il nostro nuovo video per Let's bug together #28

Spero di vedervi presto :)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExjJRYtQGhU&feature=youtu.be&app=deskt op

Post N. 8:  Autore: Ata Krebs MessaggioInviato: Sabato, 03/08/2019 - 12:44

Only 10 days and LBT #28 will be open !!
Are you ready for another Woodstock ??
And don’t forget to take an hippy clothes with you and put the flowers in to your hair !!
Benny, Maggio and of course all other our friends from Italy, we will waiting for you already from next Sunday !!
See you soon !!

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Well, Let’s Bug Together #28 is overed and we want just give you an big THANKS !!
Thank to you all for visit us with so many cars and made our meeting unforgettable. There were 251 cars in Lesce this year and this is simply wonderful. We hope, that you enyoj with us and that you went back to your home with good vibrations !!
Thank you once again and we hope that you will come back again !

Post N. 10:  Autore: Benny MessaggioInviato: Sabato, 07/09/2019 - 1:13

hvala in pozdrav vsem😀

Post N. 11:  Autore: Ata Krebs MessaggioInviato: Domenica, 08/09/2019 - 20:10

Benny ha scritto:
hvala in pozdrav vsem😀

Complimenti, Benny !! Sorriso Sorriso Sorriso

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